Anaheim Ducks inconsistencies continue in OT loss





Anaheim Ducks struggle to finish lose in overtime again, this time to the Vancouver Canucks.

The Anaheim Ducks have lost two out of their last three games, with two of those games going into overtime.

Anaheim couldn’t find a way to close out the games.

The Ducks are inching closer to becoming a complete team, if they aren’t currently considered such.

All they need to do is learn how to close out games by finishing. Out of their recent three game stretch, the good news is they were able to win one game in regulation.

In the Pacific Division standings they currently sit at 3rd place.

They have had multiple chances to move closer to land in first place, but have been blowing their leads.

However, the Ducks have received help from division rivals to help keep them in the third place and not move out of sight from first place.

The Ducks are only 3 points behind the first place Sharks.

As of now, the Ducks and Oilers each have 44 points and there is no clear second place according to points. However, the Oilers are in second according to the NHL website.

In this game both teams were eerily similar, especially according to the stats in the box score. Ironically both teams had 26 shots on goal.

Also the extra goal allowed by the Anaheim Ducks was the goal that caused them to lose the game.

Therefore who do critics say are at fault for the loss, the offense or the defense.

My answer is simple — it is a team loss. Complete teams find ways to win.

Inconsistency is the appropriate adjective to describe the Anaheim Ducks at this point since they lost two out of three games.

They had more time of possession 51% to 49%.  They allowed seven power plays to the Canucks who only converted on one of them.

On the other side of the rink the Ducks only had one power play and couldn’t convert.

The Anaheim Ducks are a contending team, they just have been inconsistent at finding ways to finish games.

On January 4 they look to end their inconsistencies against the Detroit Red Wings in Anaheim at the Pond starting the New Year off right.

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