NHL ref gets creative to prevent rogue beach ball from interfering with play

The Stanley Cup Playoffs can be an unpredictable beast. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’re reminded that things can get weird at any moment.

That’s what happened in Boston on Wednesday night. During Game 4 between the Bruins and the Senators, a rogue beach ball found its way onto the ice during play and threatened to interrupt the action by causing a stoppage.

But referee Brad Meier wasn’t about to let that happen. Instead, Meier showed some quick thinking by grabbing the beach ball and stuffing it under the back of his jersey, which created a hilarious visual as he skated around with the ball.

Unfortunately, it didn’t serve as a solution for too long, as the ball fell out of Meier’s jersey after a few seconds. Luckily, a natural stoppage came before the ball could interfere with play. The ball was then returned to the crowd in style.