Allow Jonathan Quick to blow your mind with this karate kick save

The Los Angeles Kings were eliminated from playoff contention on Sunday night but if it’s any consolation for goaltender Jonathan Quick, he may have made the best save of the year in the process.

Known for being one of the most freakishly athletic netminders in the league, Quick is capable of making pretty ridiculous saves at a moment’s notice. He reminded us all of that during the first period of Sunday’s game against the Coyotes, when Quick robbed Arizona’s Peter Holland with a ridiculous, unorthodox karate kick save.

Who knows how Quick knew to stick the pad in the air like that when most goalies would just attempt the slide post-to-post. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was intuition. Regardless, the result was an amazing display of core strength and athleticism and it’s a legitimate ‘save of the year’ candidate.

Maybe most importantly, though, is that Quick’s groin injury, which kept him out for more than half the year, appears to not be much of a lingering issue.