From the undefeated Rams and Chiefs to a wild Giants-Panthers finish, the FOX NFL crew breaks down Week 5

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The FOX NFL crew dissect the biggest match ups in week 5 of the 2018 NFL season.

- Tony, former Chief, you want to talk about your Chiefs on a day that Patrick Mahomes doesn't throw a touchdown and they faced a number one scoring defense. They just roll again.

- I think that's what's most surprising about it, going against that Jacksonville Jaguar defense like Terry just talked about. You would expect that they'd be able to slow him down, and they did. He didn't throw a touchdown pass, Patrick Mahomes. He had two picks.

Yet, still, they go out there and they put 30 points up on that defense. That spells disaster for other teams around the NFL. This is a really good football team, especially in Arrowhead Stadium.

- And, you know, I kind of look at that Giants game against the Carolina Panthers. Just seeing how they were going to respond. It's a big week. I mean, Odell Beckham came out and everything kind of hit and said, hey, I don't know if this person is responsible, that person is responsible. I don't know if I'm happy in New York City.

But in this game today, I mean, his team-- you got to get out of your own way sometimes to be successful. The punt return ended up being a touchdown. Eli had his-- he had the two picks where it looked like he just picked it up and threw it without looking into coverage.

And if they can get out of their own way, you have a good chance of winning. And right now, they're in a hole they got to dig themselves out of.

- And Pittsburgh's defense has been under fire all season long. They hold Atlanta's high-powered offense to 17 points. TJ Watt-- three sacks, six on the season. And the interesting thing on that final drive for Carolina-- McCaffrey runs for what appears to be a first down, they signal the first down.

To me, it looked short, and Cam wisely gets them up on the line, clocks the ball, and Gano comes in and kicks a 63-yard field goal.

- Amazing, amazing.

- --and there were some other call in that game that, you know, I'm just saying.

- One of LA's football teams is now 5-and-0 thanks in part to another big day from Todd Gurley.

- Los Angeles Rams-- such a complete football team. Going up to the Seattle Seahawks to play there, but that's something serious. So to get that win, when Seattle gave them their best shot and to be able to handle that adversity. And how about Sean McVay going for it on fourth down? First half, they get the touchdown after-- and then at the end of the game, they go for it on fourth down.

But keep this in mind, though. Cooks and Cooper Kupp are going to be out. Looks like they're going to be in concussion protocol. So this is a very good win for them, though. This is a very good football team.

- They had 10 days off after that game on Thursday Night Football here on Fox against the Vikings. They win in a close game down the stretch. Same story for the Vikings, who were victorious today in Philadelphia.

- Kirk Cousins, to me, is one of the more underrated players in the league.

TERRY: Making $84 million!

- People questioned him and watched him. People questioned the contract in Minnesota. He made so many big throws today while getting hit, and Adam Thielen has to be one of the most under-rated wide receivers in football. Huge win for Minnesota. NFC Championship Game was in the back of their mind and I know they want a redemption.

- We will wrap up right now, though, with who won the day. And one thing I can tell you is none of you-- everybody on the pre-game show with their picks went 8-for-2 today, except TB, who has one win.

- I've got the Chargers over the Raiders. Linvall Joseph, defensive tackle for the Vikings, takes that fumble in the air. 64 yards for the touchdown. Kind of got the old spark plug going for the Vikings. Congratulations, young man. That is impressive.

- I've got Crowell from the Jets. 215 yards? 219 on 15 carries sets a Jet record.

- I have Patrick Mahomes. Even though he didn't throw for a touchdown, he ran for a touchdown. It's just impressive to see a rookie lead-- I mean, a second-year player lead the team the way that he's leading this team this year.

- I'm going to go with the kicker, and obviously the state of the NFL kicker right now-- it can be summed up in one world-- fragile. Or "fra-gee-lay" as they say it in Italy.


Graham Gano, the 63-yarder walkoff kick, one of the types--

Say what?

- He gets the game ball. Winning the game.

- [INAUDIBLE], Mayfield, Allan, Donald, Rosen-- all first round picks, all won today. First time in NFL history. Four rookie quarterbacks have ever won on the same.