Russell Wilson discusses leadership, locker room culture with Charissa Thompson

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Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson sits down with Charissa Thompson to talks leadership and locker room culture.

- When someone like Earl goes down, how do you respond as the leader of this team when something like that happens?

- Well, I think first of all, sometimes we underestimate the significance of this game and what it means for our families and our lives and a guy like Earl. Earl is one of my favorite players to ever play with and never be around. One of the best safeties to ever play the game.

When a guy loves the game that much and something like that happens, that's a big blow. That's the tough part about this game. Yes, you know, to fans it's entertainment. And, you know, for us it's a brother, it's a guy who you get to see do great things for seven years. And hopefully, we'll see 2-9 in a Seahawks Jersey again here soon. I know that he's going to do everything he can to fight back.

CHARISSA THOMPSON: You win last week. You are now the Seahawks' winningest quarterback. How does it make you feel?

RUSSELL WILSON: It was exciting. I think it's the greatest team sport there is. We always say, don't get bored consistency. I think ultimately, just trying to be professional in everything that I do.

CHARISSA THOMPSON: Does 2012 seem like a long time ago?

RUSSELL WILSON: Actually, it doesn't. This year reminds me a lot of that year. You know, it's kind of a new start, new beginning kind of thing. And we've had so many great players. Obviously, gone to two Super Bowls. I wouldn't say it's a reboot, but we got a lot of young guys and that's OK. Youth is good. If you're trying to be great, you have to recapture that. You have to recapture what greatness looks like, your work ethic, the love for the game, all those things.

So you have to love the process more than you love just the end result. The worst thing is that there's those guys that come and go. You know, you make connections and everything else and every year somebody is coming and going. And that's just part of it. Every year it's a new journey.

CHARISSA THOMPSON: Coming of a win against Arizona on the road, and now you get the Rams.


- That's a tough out for you guys in recent history. How do you change that this year?

- Well, they're a great football team and Aaron Donald is the truth. Same with Suh. Those guys can really make a lot of plays. But I think ultimately, I think the energy is great. Obviously, coming back home playing the Rams, one of the best teams in football right now, it will be a tough challenge, but we're looking for to it.

- Congratulations. The winningest quarterback.

- Let's do it.

- I like that.

- Yeah.

- It sounds good.

- It does.