Tom Brady sits with Erin Andrews to discuss inviting fans to his life off the field

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New England Patriots QB Tom Brady shares why he is comfortable inviting fans into his life off the field with Erin Andrews.

- The Gram game is just on point. I mean, I've told you that before. I love your Instagram.

- Thank you.

- I mean, I feel like, within the last couple years, you've just opened it up to everybody.


- Why?

- I think the great part about the social media is it allows people to tell their own story the way they want to. And I think you don't have to go through a certain media bias, per se. You can just speak to the fans directly.

3 and 2. Time to get to 4 and 2.

There are certain things I really love and stand for and that I am with my family. And you know, between my sport, and my family, and my kids-- and you know, I like to share those things.

"Tom vs Time" last year was a great thing to do. I really enjoyed doing that.

ERIN ANDREWS: That's like the stuff fans are dying for. It was so cool.

TOM BRADY: Yeah, I enjoyed it. There are so many people that support you. And I think people don't get to see that part of your life very much. When you're 41 years old, you've got kids. You've got a wife. And everyone's living their life, and you're not getting these days back.

You know, when you're 25, it's different because you think it goes on forever. When you're 41, you think, oh man, I got kids, and there's a school play. You know, I've got to be there for that because they're not going to be 10 years old again, or eight years old again, or five years old.

I know I'm not going to play another 10 years. And I think every year is just a little bit different. It's just, as you get older, there's a lot of other things happening in your life that you've got to figure out how to balance.


TOM BRADY: I still love playing football. I still love lining up, and training, and doing all those things. I think that's-- I've always enjoyed that. Fortunately, I have a great love for the game.

It never feels like work. It just feels like, hey man, I'm going to have some fun. So running out on the field in front of 70,000 people, that's never going to get old. It's just how do you balance those things with other parts of your life that enable me to do that. And I want to support the people that support me.