Cooper Manning goes undercover with Mario Addison, James Bradberry | MANNING HOUR

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Cooper Manning disguised himself as a New York Giant to get the inside scoop on the Carolina Pantheres with Mario Addison and James Bradberry.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Expecting someone else?

NARRATOR: Welcome to The Manning Hour hosted by Cooper Manning.


- Who the hell is that?

- Relax. It's not Eli. It's Coopey.

- You're one of the Manning brothers?

- I'm the richest Manning there is.

- Oh.

COOPER MANNING: Yeah. I thought with y'all playing baby brother this week, you know, it'd be good for me to, you know, work undercover-- kind of find out some info.

- Who we playing? Peyton?

- No, Peyton's--

- No, I think Peyton, he done.

- He works for Papa John's. Mario, you're Italian?

- I am.

- And James, you're American?

- Correct.

COOPER MANNING: You know, I'm fond of the strawberry. And I've had the boysenberry. But I've never tasted a Bradberry. Can you enlighten me what's it--

- I heard it's pretty tart.

- It's go a strong taste.

COOPER MANNING: Like a blueberry?

- More like a cranberry.

- Ooh! I like that.

- That's good stuff.

- I almost fisted you, but I missed it. That's perfect.

- You're missing a lot of things in life.


- So you got to cover Odell? And you're going after baby brother this weekend. Who's more nervous? You got it all figured out?

- Yeah. It's gonna be easy.

- James, what's your favorite Carolina?

- North.

COOPER MANNING: Mine is sweet.

- No, man, that's Caroline.

- That's Neil Diamond. Is mascot Sir Purr around? I want to congratulate him on his new hit movie.

- What is it?

COOPER MANNING: "Black Panther."

- Ooh. That was Sir Purr, wasn't it?

- No. I don't think it was Sir Purr.

- I haven't see the movie yet.

- Neither have I. Someone wrote that for me. There's been a lot of talk about the league getting soft. You think it's soft?

- Yeah. Definitely. Definitely.

- I'm gonna to show you how to properly and delicately tackle an NFL quarterback. Omaha! Oh, baby, I like it raw!

(SINGING) Oh, oh, here she comes. Look out boy, she'll chew you out.

- Put him on his head.


- Slow, slow, slow, slow.

- Careful. Careful.

- Hold him. Hold him. Hold him.

- Turn him. Turn him.

- Lean back.

- Lay down. Lay down. Lay down. Lay down. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

- There we go. There we go.

- Take the ball out. Take the ball out. Put it up on the head.

- You got a pillow right there for you, brother.

- OK. OK. You good?

- All right. Now that can't be a penalty, right?

- In this league, guys, probably so.

- No!

- Awe!

- Where y'all going?

- Get out of here!




- Hey, I think I see Sir Purr over there!


- Sir Purr!