Mark Wahlberg sets the scene as the Colts take on the Patriots on Thursday Night Football

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Indianapolis Colts travel to Foxborough to renew their heated rivalry with the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football.

MARK WAHLBERG: In this league you have to play each week with a chip on your shoulder.

- It's about honor. It's about respect.

- But there's always that one match up that you have circled on your schedule. Tonight is one of those nights.

HOST: The sun has set, but that's when the sun starts.

- Two sides, one goal. Beat the man in front of you.

JOE BUCK: These are two teams who know each other very well. These are teams that don't like each other at all.

- The Indianapolis Colts, with a rich history of quarterbacks. Now it's Andrew Luck carrying the torch.

HOST: Touchdown from Andrew Luck.

- And then you have my New England Patriots. You know what I'm talking about. Five Super Bowls sound familiar?

JOE BUCK: Patriots win the Super Bowl!

- Best ever. Ever. These two teams have a tense past.

HOST: Now we've got Deflate-gate.

HOST 2: When the Colts turned New England in.

HOST: Josh McDaniels is saying no to the Colts and yes to the Patriots.

- Who's right? Who's wrong? It doesn't matter. What matters is winning. Going for it all. End zone, touchdown. It's the Colts and the Patriots, Thursday Night Football on Fox.