Our talent from around FOX Sports gets you ready for Patriots vs Colts on FOX

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Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots tonight on FOX. Find out what our talent had to say about both teams leading up to the game.

- I expect the Pats to blow the doors off the Colts, and so do you, Skip Bayless.

SKIP BAYLESS: What doors?

- Whatever-- whatever doors they have left. They got several of the guys out, Skip Bayless. TY Hilton, Jack Doyle, their starting running back, two offensive linemen are questionable. And you expect them to go to New England with-- After what they did to Tom Brady, you know the Patriots are going to try and hang "fitty" spot on them.

- Tom Brady has not forgotten that the Colts are the ones who tried to incriminate him for deflating the footballs, and that still burns in his gut. And you will see the reemergence tonight of psycho Tom. He will be possessed tonight to take it out on the Colts.

- There is nothing more upsetting than Tom Brady being accused of doctoring up the footballs, and that was against the Indianapolis Colts. And I expect him to always, against the Colts, to come out with vengeance. And I expect them to try to rub it in the Colts' face. They do not like the Colts. They did-- they felt like the Colts, what they did, was dirty pool. And I believe it's going to play out tonight on "Thursday Night Football."

- "Thursday Night Football" is different for everybody. But one thing the Pats are not-- that is not odd to them is playing a prime time game, playing a game at night, playing a game that all the eyes are on them. The Pats, they play about a half dozen of those a year. The Colts play about two or three of those a year. And Brady, we know it. Like in his career on Thursday nights, 10 and 2. In his career on a short week, 15 and 2. Like, this is something that all signs point to us talking tomorrow like, remember when we were worried about New England?

- I love New England tonight. Big. I think they're going to thump the Colts. And I really like a lot about the Colts, but the Colts won't even-- when you watch the game tonight-- they won't even pretend they have a running game. When you ask your quarterback to throw 62 times out of 75 snaps-- and by the way, of the other running plays, Andrew Luck had three of those running plays-- the Colts are a completely one-dimensional team at this point.

- The New England Patriots-- Cowherd's favorite team-- 10-point favorites tonight over the Colts, they're going down inside Gillette Stadium. Andrew Luck needs this victory far more than Tom Brady. Luck is 0 and 5 against Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Luck's passer rating drops nearly 20 points when he faces a Belichick-lead defense. To be the man, you have to beat the man.

- Either you're due, or you doo doo. And this is the situation. Are you due, Andrew Luck, to beat the Patriots finally, or are you just doo doo? And I hate to say this, but against the Patriots and Bill Belichick, Andrew Luck is doo doo, dog. And he's not going to be able to pick himself up this time because this is a compromised version of Andrew Luck versus the healthy version that still had no success against Belichick.

- Thursday night. Any big plans? Me? I'm going to heat up a plate of tortellini, I'm going to sit on the couch, and watch the Colts-Pats on "Thursday Night Football." Colts-Pats. I can barely even concentrate. Tom freaking Brady on "Thursday Night Football." Imagine how excited Belichick's gonna be.

- Is my car almost ready?

- Luck's back in the saddle firing on all cylinders, ready for the passing of the torch. Except this time, the guy with the torch would saw off his arm before he'd pass it to anyone. The guy won't even eat a strawberry.