Matt McCrane discuses his game-winning overtime kick

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Matt McCrane discuses his game-winning overtime kick. The Raiders came from behind to defeat the Cleveland Browns 45-42. Oakland gets their first win of the season.

- Matt, a huge kick there to win the game for you. Obviously, this is your first game with the Raiders, your first game this season. You are a rookie. Tell me everything that's going through your mind at this moment.

- You know, first of all, what a win for the city of Oakland. You know, our guys fought hard-- Frostee Rucker, man, he gave everything on that front. But you know, that's the life of a kicker. You take it one kick at a time. You miss, you come back, and make the next one. And so that's kind of the way it goes. But man, what a credit to these guys, and a good win for the city of Oakland.

- Yeah, it certainly is. You know, you missed a couple of kicks there. This is a lot of pressure in this situation. How did you put that behind your-- behind you and look forward only to this game-winning kick?

- Right, like I said, you just reset. You know, that's been my mentality the whole time is take it one kick at a time. So whether you miss or make the previous kick, you go on to the next one. Whether it's a game-winner or not, it doesn't matter. It's one kick at a time. And that's the way we've been doing it.

INTERVIEWER: When you got signed on Monday, could you envision anything like this?

- No, not at all. You know, we got in work, snap, and hold at the stadium. You know, obviously we had some troubles with it today. So we've got to get that worked out, but what a win. You know, I'm-- I'm so excited. It's crazy.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, you should be. Congratulations

- Thank you very much.