David Carr hopes the Raiders first win can be their turning point

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David Carr hopes the Raiders first win can be their turning point. The Raiders came from behind to defeat the Cleveland Browns 45-42. Oakland gets their first win of the season improving to 1-4.

- Four touchdowns, over 400 yards, the Raiders' first win this season. What clicked?

- Oh man, I don't know. We just-- we battled hard, and I thank God that we just persevered through it. I mean, this team is full of veteran character guys, and we've been through some hard times. And hopefully this will be the turning point for us.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, you certainly battled through adversity today. How do you take this momentum and everything you did right today into next week?

- Well, you know, all the things that we did right was we finished the game. It was ugly, but I've been through this enough times to know that that's how this thing works, man. You know, sometimes you've got to go through some stuff and grit through it to learn how to finish as a team. I think we did that today. And I think going forward, the confidence that we have in each other will hopefully help us win some more games.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, well the city of Oakland is celebrating. Congratulations.

- Thank you very much. God bless y'all.