Charles Davis explains why Josh Norman gives the Redskins Home Field Advantage

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Josh Norman may give the Washington Redskins an edge against the Green Bay Packers

CHARLES DAVIS: One player that believes he gives Washington a decided home field advantage is cornerback Josh Norman. He gets to go up against Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks in the game today, but he believes that he and his team will be successful for a few reasons.

Number one, Josh Norman's very confident. He's a pro-bowl caliber cornerback who came out of college as a fifth round draft choice, and went to college as a walk on. So did everyone just blow the evaluation? Josh Norman believes so, because he's a terrific player. And despite the fact that people tend to avoid him, he still has 10 career interceptions.

Another reason he's confident, he thinks his team can get to Aaron Rodgers. They're the number one ranked defense in the NFL right now, they have a terrific pass rush, and they get that done, they've got a heck of a chance to try and slow down the Green Bay attack.

So that's it from here in D.C. Washington and Green Bay, right here on Fox, 1:00 PM Eastern. We'll see you then.