The Hustle: No. 2 pick Saquon Barkley knows one thing is certain

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"That team that drafts me is getting a guy who's a hard worker -- that's the only thing I know."

- If I could hurdle one NFL player right now, it would be Tyrann Mathieu.


- Right now, you probably reflect doing all the hard work that you put in to get to this moment. And then you probably got a little nerves also, because at that point, you don't know where you're going to be drafted or where you're going to be living, and you just waiting for a phone call. But it's going to be a special moment because you're going to be surrounded with good friends and great-- and your family members.

Stay focused and continue to do the things that got you here. It's not that different. Obviously, it's the NFL and it's professional, and it's a business now, but continuing to do the things that got true meaning, your hard work, staying focused, being passionate about the game, continue to be a leader, and all those things will take care of itself.

That team that drafts me is getting a guy who is a hard worker. That's the only thing I know. When I look back on my career, that's how I got to where I'm at. A guy's going to come in and is going to work, who's going to push his teammates, a leader, vocally and by example. That goes hand in hand with work ethic, and a guy who's passionate about the game and a competitor.

The reason why a number one pick would be so special for me is not because of me, it's just because of the position of the running back position. And when you see the game, evolve five, four years ago, people wouldn't even consider a running back being mentioned in the first round. Being number one picked, the first running back picked number one since '95, look at Jana Carter. It just shows the evolution of the position, and got to give credit to those backs that are dominating the NFL right now.

If I could hurdle one NFL player right now, it would be Tyrann Mathieu just because how big of a fan I am of the game. Just be able to go against him and not even hurdle him, just me being able to break a tackle against Tyrann Mathieu, that would be truly special. What I hope that I left behind is to be one of the best running backs that ever played there. That's something that was my motivation when I came to that school. I walked down the hallways every single day and look at all the great running backs and all the great players. And I wanted to be mentioned in one of the top, those top guys.

And the biggest thing that I will also love to be known about is the team that we had there. A lot of people didn't expect Penn State to be where it's at. And not only-- I didn't only do it by myself, with the help of my teammates, with Trace, the Marcus Allen's, the Jason Cabinda's, and so on and so on. How we were able to, obviously, with the help of the guys before, keeping that team together, be able to bring Penn State and bring this back to a national spotlight.