The Hustle: Ray Lewis and his journey to become a Miami Hurricane

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Super Bowl champ, Ray Lewis talks about receiving his full-ride scholarship to the University of Miami four days before the season started.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Last game of high school as I sit there, and I'm on the football field, and both knees are on the ground, and gave it everything I had, I knew that that was the end of my high school career. I knew that my career was over. And didn't have a lot of scholarships.

Four days before signing day we got a phone call. Coach called me to the office at Kathleen Senior High. And he said, the University of Miami just called. And they just gave you their last scholarship. And I'm like, coach, what do you mean? And he's like, they saw your last high school game and a scholarship cleared up, and now they gave it to you.

He said, here's the thing, you have four days to get to college. And I said, coach I have no money. I have no clothes. And I do the best I can. And I went home. And I told my grandmother, I got into college, like, I made it. I said, grandma, I have to get to Miami.

And I had one pair of jeans. I had three t-shirts. I had one pack of number two pencils, one pack of BIC pens, and a folder of paper-- two folders. And she said, that's all I got. And I said, I'll make it. I'll make it.

I remember walking into the University of Miami. And I remember signing-- and Randy Shannon walking up to me and asking me about what number I wanted. And all the numbers I told him I wanted, he'd be like, no, no, no.

And I was like, wow, I want that number. He was like, what number? I said, I want 52. He said, why you want 52? I said, because five and two is God's number, that's seven.

He was like, you're a religious kid? I was like, yes sir, my whole life. And he was like, well, 52 is your number.

And from there, my career at the University of Miami started. And I'd tell you this. I was a boy walking in, but I became a young man after a week. And Dennis Erickson, first there, actually hidden in pads, he put me in there.

And I'll never forget this-- we had a nine-on-seven drill, to where it's just run drill, run drills, and this was the height period to where you had to earn your stripes. Man, they ran a play, and I shot through the hole so quickly. And I hit one of our running backs, and the Hurricane love just erupted. These guys lost their minds. And then I was bold enough to simply say, there's nobody out here can beat me to the football. That's what I do. I was meant to be a Hurricane.