Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan break down how Dallas can beat Philadelphia tonight

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FOX NFL Sunday's Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan analyze what went wrong for the Dallas Cowboys last week and how they can improve in their game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

- Chaz Green had the trouble, giving up the sacks at left tackle. So Jimmy, everybody says, well, just slide the protection over, do something to help him out. How can you help out a guy who is in trouble in those situations?

- Well, you know, Kurt, you look at it-- Howie talked about it. They're bigger, stronger, and faster and probably got more athletic ability than what that offensive lineman has so you've got to do some things to help him out at times-- chip him, turn your protection to him, put a tight end over there. But you do these things and, really, there's a give and take. If you chip him, or if you double him, that means one less guy in the route, so they can double-cover one of the wide receivers. It's not that easy.

- Well, you know, but you have to. In a game like we saw last week in Atlanta, you have to chip. You have to help the tackle. And it's the illusion of a chip.

- Right.

- As a defensive end, when you're in your stance, if you have a guy who's just there in your path, if he chips you one time, that's all it takes. That's going to help the tackle.

- Let's say Michael-- let's say Michael's a defense end lined up this way. I'm coming out from outside. I'm right here. I'm lined up out here at wide receiver. Bang, Michael comes, one time I de-cleat him. The rest of the game, what are you thinking about?

- --I'm looking like this before I rush. That slows me down, gives the offensive tackle a chance to get in his stance and get set up and ready for me. It wasn't a magic thing he was doing-- Clayborn was doing to get these sacks. It was a basic move. They just needed to chip him one time to give the illusion and slow him down a little bit.

- Two things happen when you don't slow down a pass rusher-- a great pass rusher like you two guys. Two things--

- Jimmy's coached a lot of great pass rushers.

- --number one, you kill your running game. You kill it. It's gone. And what happened in Dallas, when we saw them get all eight sacks on Prescott, was the fact that they did no running at all. They went straight to the passing attack, which fits right into your game plan, right into your-- you have to be able to run toward that person-- either trap them, Howie-- and then you can do play action or, simply, move the pocket away.

- Here's the other simple thing. He's catching the ball in gun at five yards, and Dak is going back to seven and he's not stepping up.

- Right.

- He has to step up.

- You know, part of the problem is, though, we've seen coaches have complained the last couple of years. They don't get the practice time they used to. Offensive linemen come out of college in this spread offense.


- It's not a skill position like a wide receiver, running back, where you can make some cuts. You need contact, because it's all about hand placement, body position, your balance, your leverage. You only learn those things by having contact. Now, with the CBA, you can't do those things in practice like you used to, and I think it's diminished the ability--

- Give the coaches an inch, they'll go five miles.