The Hustle: Charlie Weis on the Patriots’ infamous ‘Tuck Rule’ game

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Former Patriots OC Charlie Weis relives the "Tuck Rule" game and how it gave birth to the New England Patriots dynasty

[MUSIC PLAYING] - The day of the Raider game, we got the weather report and we knew that there was supposed to be accumulating snow. In a well over 6 inches. It's going to be more snow, and more snow, and more snow. When you have accumulating snow on the field, it becomes harder to run and actually easier to throw, because if you put a quarterback in a shotgun, okay, he doesn't have to worry about his drops and his footing in the snow. The good pass rushers can't get any traction. They can't get after the quarterback. So they have to run they just kind of get in your way. And certain receivers would have better footing. Usually the slower receivers were better in snow games, than the faster receivers.

As that game went on the Raiders got on top of us. It's a low scoring game, and we're down a field goal. We're trying to at least get in position to kick that field goal. We really need to get about another 15, 20 yards. So we needed a first down. When we dropped back to pass and Woodson comes off the edge and he wasn't accounted for, and Tommy didn't see him. Just as he was beginning to throw, you know, Woodson hits him, the balls fumbled, and they recover it. Well, the only rule that could save you, at that time, because there's no flags down. First of all, you're looking for a flag. The only rule that could save you, at that time was the Tuck Rule. So as he's coming off the field, we're actually saying. Hey, stay right here. This might be ruled an incomplete pass.

Now, to be honest with you, I think it was, all of us, was more wishful thinking, than really counting on that play being overturned. You know, but by rule it was an incomplete pass. As a shame for the Raiders and the Raider fans that that rule exists. But the rule does exist. And by rule, it was an incomplete pass. And what people forget, okay, they want to talk about the Tuck Rule and the Patriots getting the ball back. But two things had to happen yet for us to win the game. First of all, arguably the greatest kick off all time, how to tie the game up. Where Adam had to kick a ball into a gusty wind, and it was over 40 yards, and somehow he makes that field goal to tie the game up. And now it's still anybody's game. And we get the ball back and move the ball down into low scoring zone. But now we weren't against the wind anymore we were with the wind. Down the other end, and you know, he kicks the ball through. Paxton's doing snow angels the place is going bananas.