Navy Sonar Technician challenges Michael Vick to pushup contest

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Navy Sonar Technician 2nd Class Tani Lambert challenged Michael Vick to a pushup contest on the spot.

- Michael Vick, my name is Sonar Technician Second Class Tani Lambert. And Mr. Vick, I am here to challenge you to a push up competition-- right here, right now.

- Uh-oh.

- You versus me?

- Go for it. Come on, come on.

- You versus me?

- You got this.


- Get them going.

- Oh, man. This is unexpected. Hold that fancy jacket.

- Put the time on the clock. Let's do this.

- It's 30 seconds.

- We've got 30 seconds.

- Who are you rooting for? Are you rooting for Michael, or are--

- On your mark, get set, go.

- Go. Full extension.


He's not going all the way. These don't count. These don't count. These don't count. Boo. This is--

- That's a push up.

- What is he doing?

- Hey, Michael, you're done-- like James Brown.

- No way.

- No, no, no, no. The real winner.

- You won.

- Come on, man. They're knocking your push up style right there.

- They knocking my push ups?

- 21-17 is the final in that one. Congratulations.

- Yes.

- These don't count.