Rams coach Sean McVay breaks down Jared Goff’s incredible improvement: He’s ‘an extension of my coaching staff’

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Rams coach Sean McVay talks Jared's Goff improvement over his rookie season.

- Coach, let me ask you this. Last season, I didn't think Jared Goff played up to standard. Honestly, I didn't think he could play in the National--

- You didn't like Jared Goff.

- Let me rephrase that. [INTERPOSING VOICES]

What's been the biggest difference from last year to this year in what you've been able to change about his game to get him playing at a high level?

- Well, I think it starts with any time that you're a conscientious player, even going from year 1 to year 2, there is going to be some improvement that takes place. And the thing, Mike, that I was so impressed with just when I got a chance to first sit down with Jared is that things didn't go the way we wanted his rookie year. But he was unfazed by it. And he's a mentally tough guy, got the ability to work through some adversity. He stays even keeled throughout the course of games. He's got the talent. And now, we've got some good pieces around him, and can't say enough about what our coaching staff with Matt LaFleur and Greg Olson, Aaron Kromer, guys have done a great job. And he's buying in right now.

- But he's playing with a running game and often leads. Where does he have to grow? Where-- if-- like let's say, last seven, eight games, where would you sit him down and say, OK, here's the growth opportunity.

- Yeah. I think the quarterback position is the most difficult position in all of sports. And there's so much that's involved with every single down, whether it be managing the run game, just getting in and out of the huddle, having a command. I think the biggest challenge, Colin, is we just want to make him an extension of our coaching staff. And he's continuing to become that.

When you're throwing the football, it's always about decision, timing and accuracy. And if he can consistently make good decisions, take care of the football, throw on time, and be accurate when the protection's right, you're going to give yourself a chance to play at a pretty high level. And I think he's done a nice job of that. And he's going to be the first to tell you that he can continue to improve. And when you've got that mentality and mindset, you know I think there's good things to come with him leading the way.

- Yeah, and Todd Gurley helps a lot.

- Todd Gurley helps a lot.

- Absolutely.

- Yes, sir. We're glad to have Todd.