Rob Riggle presents ‘We’re just two picks’

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Rob Riggle makes his picks for Week 7 of the NFL season.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - We're just two picks, Riggle's week 7 picks and I'm hoping that he'll make us real quick.

- But Rob partied all night and he boozes on wine. Sometimes I wonder if he'll make us in time.

- Though the League has a lot of parity, it's tough to say who will win. Maybe that's what he's considering.

- Ah, I'll take Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs--

- They played Thursday, dummy.

- Hey, Riggle's picks.

- Yes, natural size Jay Glazer?

- Where do picks come from?

- Oh, we're making a pick. Research is really the trick--

- --especially when your head is real thick. Ask which quarterback's injured and who's playing the Browns, then divide that by how much Rivers hates his new town.


- Logic's elementary, unless you're old Michael Stra, who picks the Giants even when that's cray cray.

- Michael's my best friend.

- Sure he is, little buddy.

- OK, here's my two picks, my week 7 picks, something, something I like the band Styx.

- Yes! We're finally filled in. Now our lives can have meaning.

- That My me. I have to pick up Strahan's dry cleaning. He really does depend on me.

- So do Rob's instincts compute?

- Bleh. Oh, who knows? This is a crap shoot.

- Ugh. This took me hours to draw. Back to you, Curt. Come sail away. Come sail away-- come sail away--


- Come sail away.

Come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.