Your favorite Super Bowl LIV commercials

If football isn’t your favorite, don’t worry. The Super Bowl has something for everyone.

Super Bowl commercials are almost as legendary as the game itself, enthralling fans – both casual and diehard – every year.

We’ve got you covered with the best of the best commercials from the big game, starting with the next generation of football legends, mixed in with some older legends, too:

Plus, there was a special live surprise at the end:

That brought out all the feels:

Those former NFL stars weren’t the only goats to make a commercial appearance…you know that random Tom Brady Instagram post from earlier in the week?

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I have an important announcement #ad

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Well, after much speculation, the mystery is finally solved:

All that anxiety for nothing:

Brady broke the internet just like Baby Yoda did.

Looks like Baby Nut is about to do the same:

#BabyNut is trending. Check out his own personal feed:

If that didn’t fill your heart, here’s one that certainly will:

We’re not crying. You’re crying.

Special moments were just part of the game:

But not everything was serious business:

Why ride a horse when you can literally ride in a car that drives itself?

Scared yet? If not, after watching this one, you certainly will be:

Don’t worry, just like Post Malone, we’re Better Now:

We knew Super Bowl Sunday was an American holiday, but today, it was actually a holiday:

The Super Bowl wasn’t complete without some snack commercials:

And you know you needed that extra side of guac:

With a drink, perhaps, to wash it down:

Now, let’s get back to the important stuff:

We’re all about breaking down barriers:

And girl power:

Fighting adversity was a theme:

The only way to get tough? Working out, of course:

The Super Bowl LIV commercials were far from average:

We weren’t the only ones that were thoroughly entertained: