Young Dallas Cowboys Ready to do Damage in 2017

It didn’t quite work out for this young Dallas Cowboys this year but they will be back in 2017.

Young Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott surprised me once again. In knew the stage wouldn’t be too big and that he wouldn’t get rattled. I just simply didn’t think he would be able to keep up with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

But in an exciting game, he barely got edged out by the last-minute heroics of Rodgers 34-31. Statistically, Rodgers went 28-43 for 356 yards, two TDs and one INT.  Prescott matched him, going 24-38 for 302 yards, three TDs and one INT.

It was by far the best showdown between two quarterbacks in the playoffs so far. And fellow rookie phenom Ezekiel Elliott balled out with 125 yards on 22 carries. It kinda makes you wonder what would have happened if 2015 second-round pick Randy Gregory were there.

When I say there, I mean playing all season, getting after opposing quarterbacks. The pass rush seemed to be the only real weakness the Cowboys had for the 2016 season. The Cowboys should draft another edge rusher just in case Gregory can’t hold it together.

But if he can straighten his act out in 2017, the Cowboys defense will be that much better. They already expect to have linebacker Jaylon Smith in the field for the 2017 season. This game showed me that the Packers are going to have to deal the the Cowboys for years to come.

That is assuming that these young players resist the temptations of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. All the days of the Cowboys having overhyped mediocre teams have come to an end. This young team will start doing major damage in the playoffs in 2017.

How bout dem Cowboys?!

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