NFL bans foreign objects, something pro wrestling never would consider doing

Troy Vincent, the executive VP of football operations for the NFL, announced on Tuesday the NFL has banned foreign objects from the field. The decision comes after the Carolina Panthers’ lucky bat became a centerpiece in the Odell Beckham Jr. incident in Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.

Per Vincent: 

As part of our responsibility to protect the integrity of the game, please be reminded that no foreign objects unrelated to the uniform or playing equipment are permitted on the playing field and sidelines on game day (which includes the pre-game period, during the game, and postgame on the field).

Please advise players and personnel that they will be subject to discipline for any violations of the policy set forth above.


While such objects are no longer welcome as part of the NFL, such will never be the same in pro wrestling. Foreign objects have been a staple of sports entertainment for years. Here’s some examples of what wrestlers will use to win a match.

Top 10 foreign objects via WWE

Homicide uses foreign object

Paul Heyman’s cell phone

Sting uses the original black baseball bat

Jerry Lawler fireballs Terry Funk

Dave Bautista clocks Rey Mysterio Jr. with a ring bell

The phantom grenade

The Great Muta and his green mist