Woody Johnson must do what Leon Hess did to fix the Jets

The New York Jets are back in an eerily similar situation they dealt with back in the late 90’s. Owner Woody Johnson needs to take a page out of the book of Leon Hess and bring in a proven head coach.

As the New York Jets got ready to face the Indianapolis Colt in primetime, most analysts picked Gang Green to beat a Colts team in a must-win situation. The reasoning was, which was said in the pre-game game show, if they play like they did against the Patriots, surely they will beat the Colts, who are certainly an inferior team. Well, any Jets fan that has watched them this year knew that wouldn’t be the case.

The Jets played the game like they already were on vacation. They looked like they didn’t care, not only about the rest of the season but the organization they play for, their coach and the fans they represent when they put on the green and white.

Colts receivers were wide-open as if they were the greatest show on turf. Tight end Dwayne Allen, who isn’t even starting anymore for Indy, caught three touchdown passes. Stars such as Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Darrelle Revis played the same way they’ve played all season; like they don’t even want to play football.

After a performance like this, in front of the home crowd (or what is left of it) in a primetime game speaks volumes about the team. It shows that they have no respect for the head coach or their teammates.

This is a rock bottom the Jets have hit that hasn’t been seen since the Kotite years. When it gets that bad, something has to give. The Jets need credibility for an organization that has none at the moment.

After Kotite was canned after the 1996 season, Owner Leon Hess decided that he needed to fix his franchise. He called Bill Parcells, who was coaching the New England Patriots at the time, to come to the Jets and help his dying franchise.

The Jets need a proven NFL coach or even just a football guy to fix the franchise. The team has run through endless two-year cycles, then comes the recycle/replenish phase. 2006, surprise playoff appearance followed by a dismal 4-12 2007 season. An over-achieving 8-8 in 2013 with a bad roster followed by a terrible 4-12 2014. Here we are with the current regime, who put together a solid 10-6 record but has fallen flat on their faces this season with a 3-9 record.

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Yes, it isn’t good for a team to fire a head coach after two years, or a general manager either. When things get this bad, you are left with no choice. Enough of hiring successful defensive coordinators from other teams. They need a guy who has proven himself as a head coach in this league, to give the organization instant credibility and to get this organization back on track.

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