Women Are Quickly Taking Over NFL: New Orleans Saints fan Kortlin Favorite explains

Women are taking over the NFL by storm and it’s happening fast! Not long ago, men were questioning women’s knowledge of the game. They asked them to explain what off-sides meant and how many points is a touchdown worth. This was all only to see if women knew the basics. But why?

New Orleans Saints fan, Kortlin Favorite said it’s because most women like to focus more on a player’s looks rather than their talent.

“It’s hard not to admire them,” said Favorite. “ I’m guilty of saying ‘oh he’s cute’ from time-to-time, but that doesn’t discredit my love for the game. At the end of the day, I know it’s all about who can get the extra yards for the first down.”

That time period was an insult to many, especially true fans like myself. However things are starting to change. There are less questions and more debates.

Women are starting to speak with more confidence when talking about their favorite player or team. They come with stats, dates, some even use only the first name of players around the league. They’ll do whatever it takes to be taken seriously in the sports life.

“Talking NFL is like my second language,” said Favorite. “My TV is always on ESPN.”

Football is the most popular sport in America and we’re all just watching it!

“Everyone is into it, from the little league teams to the big bad NFL,” said Favorite. “It does so much more than what we see on TV. Football creates bonds between families, fans and even strangers. That’s why we all love it!”

Football is a great conversation starter, however, will women ever fully be accepted into the NFL world? Favorite said it’d be great to see this happen, but there will always be a double-standard.

That’s not fair for the “true die-hard fans.” The ones who truly have a natural born love for the game and who are always eager to learn new terms and tricks.

It might not seem like women are getting anywhere now, but they are.  The light at the end of the tunnel that leads to the stadium is still burning bright. Some men may accept women into their debates and some may chose not to.  However, women like Robin Roberts, Maria Taylor, Pam Oliver, Holly Rowe and more, give women the fire they need to force their way into the sports world, whether men like it or not.

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