Will we see Bryce Petty against the Los Angeles Rams?

The New York Jets continue to struggle when it comes to their quarterback play. Despite Ryan Fitzpatrick suffering a knee injury in Week 9, all signs point to he will continue starting.

As the New York Jets continue this disaster of a season, all eyes continue to be on their quarterback situation. It doesn’t get any worse than quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who continues to lead the NFL in interceptions at 13. He suffered a knee injury in Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins with many wondering why the Jets simply can’t turn to Bryce Petty to see what he can do.

Head coach Todd Bowles, as per the Media Relations Department of the Jets, still believes Fitzpatrick gives them the best chance to win football games. Even though this is delusional, Fitzpatrick has been a full participant so far this week in practice. He’ll more than likely be healthy enough to play on Sunday.

Now, by all accounts, unless something out of the ordinary happens, Fitzpatrick will once again continue starting for the Jets. They will welcome the struggling Los Angeles Rams to MetLife Stadium with hopes of playing better football in front of the home crowd.

Petty so far has seen an increase in practice reps and should Fitzpatrick get hurt again or have another decline in play, could very well be given a real opportunity. It was such a shame to see him pulled out of Sunday’s game after he looked ready to deliver against the Dolphins. The leash Fitzpatrick has will more than likely be a short one this time around, especially in front of legions of Jets fans.

The offense of the Jets has been pretty abysmal and Petty deserves a shot to see if he can be more efficient in actually scoring. It’s no secret the Jets can’t score on easy red zone drives due to a lack arm strength and accuracy, both of which Petty brings to the table.

Will Jets Nation finally see Petty get some reps against the Rams? Fitzpatrick is playing on a bum knee and has yet again proved why he’ll forever be known as an inconsistent quarterback. If he once again can’t get the job done or continues to throw interceptions, expect to see #9 under center at some point come Sunday. Frustration continues to set in and if the Jets keep playing like they have been at home, they will have no other choice but to see if Petty can bring some life back into the organization.

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