Why Tony Romo to Chiefs could make sense

The Chiefs as the next destination for Tony Romo has been rumored for a few weeks now. Here’s why it makes sense.

Before everyone jumps down my throat about how Romo can’t stay healthy or how he’ll blow it in the playoffs, watch him when he’s healthy. Because of his career with the Cowboys and his lack of Super Bowl rings many will call Romo washed up and over rated. It was only two years ago where a clear catch by Dez Bryant was ruled incomplete and lost the Cowboys and opportunity to play in the NFC championship. He consistently puts up the kind of numbers that the Chiefs need at quarterback.

The argument can be made against him. Romo hasn’t played a complete season in two years. A 37 year old quarterback seemingly made of glass behind an offensive line that relies on quick passes may not be the best idea. There is a situation that comes to mind in Chiefs history that may support it. Joe Montana was unable to really play for San Francisco for two seasons before being shipped off to Kansas City in 1993.

Tony Romo doesn’t have the pedigree of Joe Montana but the situation is similar. Joe was beat up most of 93 and sat out a few games but a solid argument can be made that the Chiefs would not have been in the AFC championship without him.

Where the Chiefs failed there is to draft a quarterback while Montana was there to take the reigns once he retired. The Chiefs can remedy that this time. While not overtly strong, this year’s class of quarterbacks can be developed behind a reliable starter. There wouldn’t be much of a better situation for a rookie than Andy Reid as your head coach and Tony Romo as your mentor.

It wouldn’t cost as much as you think

Some may say that Romo would be ridiculously expensive and not worth it to the slightly cash strapped Chiefs. I was one of those until it was pointed out to me that if traded, Romo would only cost 14 million against the cap. That is a solid 2.9 million less than Alex Smith. The options for restructuring would be available to the Chiefs for maybe a two or three year deal.

The Chiefs in trading away possible draft picks for Romo could have a couple of trade partners for Smith. The Jets, Texans, Browns, and possibly the Jaguars are all potential spots for Alex Smith to land. Those teams need a veteran presence at quarterback and Smith is a proven winner. The Chiefs would be compensated for whatever they give up to get Romo.

A healthy Romo gives the Chiefs a better chance to win the Super Bowl

There should be a pretty big asterisk on that sentence. Tony Romo is a great performer when he gets through a whole season. The Chiefs offensive line has been questioned often to their ability to protect their quarterback. Some of that is unfair. Some should be on Alex Smith. His pocket presence is what often gets him into trouble. Not that he doesn’t get his passes off, but that he doesn’t make the little movements that adjust pass rushers.

No one is better at moving within the confines of the pocket than Tony Romo. I’m not talking about running ability. That will get him hurt. I’m talking about small adjustments within the pocket that force pass rushers to change their angles. This in turn buys time for the quarterback to make solid throws downfield.

I’m not saying that Romo will save the Chiefs and win a Super Bowl. I’m arguing that if the Chiefs make the move, it could work. There wouldn’t be a need for a mass exodus from Arrowhead if he starts at quarterback. John Dorsey will do what he thinks is best for this team. As long as the Chiefs plan for the future as well as the now, they will be in the mix of the top teams in the NFL.

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