Why Tebow will succeed with Pats

Gisele is why Tim Tebow is in New England.

Why he has his first honest-to-goodness chance to be wildly successful in this league at that little job called quarterback.

And ultimately why he is going to be.

Because when your resume includes hooking up with super models for sport, signing a lifetime deal with the best of that lot, winning Super Bowl rings, having a spot in Canton penciled in and just waiting for retirement and five, you do not look over your shoulder. Even if you are 36 and your last Lombardi action came in 2005, you do not look over your shoulder.

Tom Brady epitomizes Honey Badger’s world-wide meme motto. And this is ultimately why Patriots coach Bill Belichick was able to lasso Tebow.

It is not simply that Foxboro has been crushing potential media circuses since 2000, which everybody keeps noting as the biggest and only reason Tebow-to-New England works. It is not simply that Belichick refuses to engage in media games on any level, much less Tebowmania. There is not going to be the usual Tebow BS because Brady — simply by being himself — shuts that down.

There were media circuses in Denver and New York because the Broncos and Jets had Kyle Orton and Mark Sanchez, respectively, as their quarterbacks. They beg the question: “So if he fails …” Nobody was going to grow under them or learn from them, so the only explanation for Tebow being on the roster was he was the backup plan when the inevitable failure happened.

You couldn’t shut Tebowmania down in those places, just like you can’t start it up in New England.

Which brings us to why. "Why sign Tebow?" seems to be the hot question.

Of course, the answer cannot simply be that one of the greatest coaches the game has seen thinks Tebow has potential. This answer totally crushes too many narratives about how Tebow can’t play quarterback/is a hyped phenomenon of religious whiteys/can’t play period.

Too bad Belichick likes his potential is exactly the answer. And for all of us accused of being crazed religious wingnuts for thinking Tebow is capable of playing in the NFL and playing quarterback and starting and winning, we now have Belichick on our side.

Because as much as this feels like a big “bleepity bleep” to Rex Ryan, or a Rob Gronkowski cover, or a favor to Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels or his good buddy and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, this is not Belichick’s modus operandi at all.

For starters, Belichick does not do favors, not favors this big. And while he’s really good at bleep you, he is not wasting one of his precious 53 roster spots just to do what he easily could and is likely to do to the Jets on Sept. 12. It may be that legendary Patriot ego, but even that seems unlikely considering The Brady Patriots are officially on the clock.

The thing is with Belichick there is only one thing: Winning.

Tebow is here because Belichick believes he can help them win, and I do not believe he believes this is by playing tight end or fullback or special teams or filling in for Brady in short yardage or at the goal line.

Will he take snaps there, and learn there? Absolutely.

This is not all he will do, no matter what anybody else says. As I had one NFL person explain it to me, of course, he is going to get worked at quarterback. He did, after all, do pretty well for Denver in 2011. And then there is McDaniels, who has a good hunk of his reputation riding on Tebow developing into an NFL quarterback.

He believed in Tebow, drafted him in the first round and ultimately was fired for him. If you do not think Tebow is going to be going to QB School, you are on crack.

This is the perfect scenario for Tebow, to be a third-string QB, with zero chance of starting, able to learn from a consummate pro who is totally secure in his quarterbackhood, without any media hype.

And if it works, which I think it will, thank Gisele and that guy she is married to.

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