Why Los Angeles Rams Should Continue Starting Case Keenum at Quarterback

Would the Los Angeles Rams even benefit from replacing Case Keenum with Jared Goff at quarterback?

Despite what critics have said about Los Angeles Rams quarterback Case Keenum, he has done a pretty decent job with a roster that only has one feature star in running Todd Gurley, who unfortunately has been limited due a lackluster offensive scheme.  With that being said, the issue with the Rams is much deeper than just throwing all of the fire on Keenum as the offense overall is a major reason for concern.

Just look at Los Angeles over the last couple of games as the team is inconsistent at many positions. Sure, Keenum throws passes that makes your head spin, but you have to credit the quarterback for trying to make a big play. If only the Rams could do a better job at developing players at each position, it would certainly make Keenum’s job much easier at quarterback.

In all honesty, would starting Jared Goff even make this team better at this point? It’s understandable how the team invested a boatload of picks into drafting Goff No. 1 overall in this year’s draft, but Los Angeles has to protect their investment.

If Goff isn’t ready to handle the duties of the starting quarterback, then the Rams shouldn’t play him, and it’s simple as that. No matter what position a player is drafted, a coach must put the best 11 players on the field that gives a team their best chance to win.

One thing that is for certain is you never throw rookie quarterbacks to the wolves when they aren’t ready to give the team a winning chance. The issues of the Rams does not lie on the shoulders of Keenum as it would be difficult for any quarterback to succeed without the proper counterparts to back him up.

Stand with Keenum, Rams fans, as the quarterback deserves some benefit of the doubt

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