Which teams does Peyton Manning torch the most?

Peyton Manning loves facing the Texans ... not so much the Browns.

Peyton Manning is the NFL’s new all-time leader in touchdown passes.

The Denver Broncos quarterback surpassed Brett Favre in Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, throwing four touchdowns to move up to 510 for his career — two better than Favre’s career total of 508.

Many have found ways to put this in perspective, either in writing or graphic form. The above graphic (click here for a full-size version) breaks out his touchdowns by team on a graph plotted by total touchdowns and games played. The dotted line represents Manning’s average career touchdown passes per game — just north of 2.0. Teams showing up above, or to the left, of the dotted line have held Manning below that mark. Teams below, or to the right, have fared worse than average.

Some takeaways:

• It’s no surprise to see the Houston Texans as his most frequently victimized. They were an expansion team in 2002, slotted straight into Manning’s division. He had the benefit of two games a year against the fledgling franchise from 2002 to 2010 and capitalized to the tune of 48 scores in 20 games.

• The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, two of the strongest franchises during Manning’s heyday are somewhat surprisingly the two that he has most victimized in terms of touchdowns per game. He has 41 scores in 18 games against the Pats (2.28 per) and 25 in 10 games against the Ravens (2.5).


• On the flip side, some not so successful franchises are showing up on the good side of the line. The Miami Dolphins (1.5), New York Jets (1.33) and Buffalo Bills (1.18) are all well under the average.

• Yes, the Cleveland Browns are the only team in the league to have held Manning to fewer touchdown passes than games played against: five in six.