When will the Jets ever win a Super Bowl?

It’s been decades since the New York Jets have won a Super Bowl championship. By the looks of it as of late, it could be quite a while.

It was back in 1968, Super Bowl III to be exact, to remember the days the New York Jets fielded a championship team. They made history in doing so since quarterback Joe Namath effectively guaranteed victory over the Baltimore Colts and his Jets delivered.

Fast forward to 48 more Super Bowls and the Jets have yet to make another appearance since then. It’s a different combination of many problems in the grand scheme of things. From bad coaches, no established quarterbacks, and of course, a lack of execution are just a few of the things that have held the Jets back over the decades.

Considering it’s been about seven years since the Jets even made it to an NFL Playoff game, kind of gives the football world a glimpse of the usual doom when it comes to this franchise. The Jets showed a ton of potential back in 2015 when they posted a marvelous season and came within a game of making the NFL Playoffs.

Then in 2016, everything was a total disaster. A lack of accountability, bad coaching, and an abysmal quarterback situation had the Jets end the season at 5-11. To see the Jets play as bad as they did has more than likely regressed the team at least a year or two from being a contender again.

Hopefully, the Jets learn from all their mistakes last year since the embarrassment alone should light a fire under everyone to step up and perform come next season. It won’t be easy, but surely, more aggression and a higher work ethic should bring better results next time around.

When exactly will the Jets win their second championship in franchise history? By the looks of it, not anytime soon. First, they need to get an established franchise quarterback and build around him, whether he’s already on the roster or not. Secondly, the Jets need to build a better culture around accountability and playing hard on every single play. Lastly, it’s all about execution and everyone doing their role.

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The Jets have a tough road ahead but in the NFL, anything is possible. Could they win a Super Bowl championship next season? It’s highly unlikely but anything is possible once they come up with an action plan of bouncing back and ensuring they take the right measures one day at a time.

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