When is the 2017 NFL Combine?

Taking a look at when the 2017 NFL Combine will be held to watch NFL Draft prospects test their physical tools and skills.

With the end of the 2016 season and Super Bowl 51 comes the real business of the NFL. That means preparation for the 2017 NFL Draft, assessing the free agency landscape, and so forth. For that first part, though, the scouting for the draft can be quite the daunting task. While that’s the case, a great deal of the important testing and scouting will be done at the 2017 NFL Combine.

At the 2017 NFL Combine, the best draft prospects in the country will gather to take part in various athletic tests such as the 40-yard dash, vertical jumping, broad jumping, cone drills, and even bench pressing.

Additionally, players will be divided by position and take part in various drills to showcase their drills. Finally, players will also go through extensive interviews so teams can get an idea of their character.

Without question, many teams and scouts will already have an idea what these players bring to the table. Going into the NFL Combine without having watched game film is like walking into a water park wearing a suit and tie—you failed to properly prepare. However, seeing the testing numbers and drills will cause some prospects’ stock to fluctuate.

So while game film and things of that nature are vital to the scouting process, the NFL Combine can’t be overvalued in the pre-draft process. Subsequently, fans and draft nerds might be asking quickly when the 2017 combine will take place.

From Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN, the 2017 NFL Combine will take place from Feb. 28 until March 6. Various portions of the event and various position groups will have their time to perform on different days, hence the week-long affair. In the end, though, it’ll all be worth it to get a better grasp on this class of prospects for the 2017 NFL Draft.

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