What to expect from Nick Mangold in 2017

The New York Jets have had one of the best centers in the league for 11 years, but after a severe ankle injury, is he still able to be that star blocker in 2017?

Since Nick Mangold came into the NFL, he has been one of, if not the best, center in the league. However, after 11 years of football, and a severe ankle injury, some skeptics wonder if he can still be that All-Pro center the New York Jets have counted on him to be.

It is true that injury and age greatly affect most players, but Mangold is different. Since coming into the league in 2006, Mangold has put everything on the line for this team. He has never met a challenge that he feels is greater than him, and he has risked his body several times in order to protect his offensive backfield.

A big heart for a team such as Mangold’s is key to overcoming adversity. Just take a look at players like Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas. He’s got a lot of passion for that team, and before the start of the 2016 season, he said that he wanted to be a big part of their long-awaited turnaround. That’s the kind of heart and passion which is apparent in Mangold.

Mangold has one more year on his contract, and if the Jets are willing to take a chance on him, then he will do everything he can to heal up right, and be fully prepared to be that key element in the Jets’ offense for the 2017 season.

However, if he doesn’t heal up right, and it becomes apparent that he can’t be the guy they expect him to be, then it will be time to move on. This is why they should sign another center this offseason to replace him if something happens.

Either way, if the Jets want him back, expect him to once again be relentless in doing everything he can to the best of his ability for this team to succeed.

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