What the Jets can learn from the Super Bowl teams

The New York Jets can learn many things from both teams in the Super Bowl. Especially the common factor of an established franchise quarterback.

Ah yes, the Super Bowl. The conclusion of yet another NFL season where we will see a team crowned the best of the best for 2016. In Super Bowl 51, we have the New England Patriots set to chase NFL history against the Atlanta Falcons who want to win their first championship in franchise history. It promises to be a great one but in the grand scheme of things, what can the New York Jets learn from both of these teams?

Looking at the obvious, it’s all about the quarterback. Both the Patriots and Falcons have established franchise quarterbacks that bring consistency and results to the table. Neither are perfect but the bottom line is both teams had plans to build around them towards major success.

Tom Brady has the ability to turn everyone around him into playing incredible football. Matt Ryan is surrounded with so many offensive weapons, he can pick and choose how he’s going to dissect an opponent. The Jets? They still, after two entire NFL drafts, have a big question mark at the most important position on the team.

It’s hard to predict what the Jets have in either Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. Petty showed some signs of hope but has given the football world a very small sample size on top of the fact that he got injured yet again this past season. Hackenberg is so raw that he’s easily another year or two away from even being ready to compete for a starting job.

The Jets took a huge gamble last season on Ryan Fitzpatrick and it horribly backfired. Geno Smith is as good as gone due to his past off-the-field issues and is recovering from a torn ACL injury last season. It’s highly unlikely they’ll go into next season with just Petty and Hackenberg on the depth chart.

If the Jets are smart, they’ll bring in an inexpensive veteran quarterback and run an open competition come training camp. The best quarterback should start and hopefully, it’ll be Petty who solidifies himself as the best option under center. The Jets should stay away from expensive free agent band-aids that won’t give them the franchise quarterback they desperately need to build around for years to come.

Looking at the Patriots and Falcons, it’s easy to see that consistency, patience, and building around a top quarterback are the ways towards winning. The Jet should pay attention to how these two teams didn’t get to the Super Bowl overnight and how it took a ton of careful personnel decisions and bringing in the right players to build a great culture.

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One of which is about accountability and making the product on the field the highest priority. Hopefully, the Jets get right back into being a contender but it will take time for everything to come together. Just like the Patriots and Falcons, patience is ultimately key when selecting a quarterback a team knows has the upside to be their next franchise quarterback. One that is the clear cut answer and using free agency and the draft as opportunities to build top talent around him for support.

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