What should Jets expect against Russell Wilson?

As the New York Jets prepare against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4 action, what should Gang Green expect quarterback Russell Wilson?

Don’t let the injury fool you, quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks will still give the New York Jets a whole lot of problems if he has time to execute. At this point in time, Wilson will be starting on Sunday and even though he’s been dealing with a knee injury, still poses another major threat to a defense still trying to find its identity.

Wilson makes a knack out of extending plays thanks to his mobility. The Seahawks have plenty of weapons on offense as they will undoubtedly copy the game plan opponents of the Jets have used with hopes of beating them.

It’s no secret that the Jets’ defensive secondary can’t seem to cover tight ends or defend against the deep pass. The Seahawks can exploit both weaknesses against the Jets but it all comes down to how effective Wilson is.

So far this season, Wilson has totaled 755 passing yards, 64 completions, two touchdowns, and one interception. He’s still considered one of the smarter quarterbacks playing today and despite his knee injury, will still be a difference maker in this matchup. Even head coach Todd Bowles knows it won’t be easy facing Wilson. Here is what he said, courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

On if Russel Wilson’s injury will change the way he plays…

No, he’s a tough guy. I’m pretty sure he’ll take care of himself.

On it changes how he prepares during the week if an opposing quarterback’s status is uncertain…

No, you prepare for the Seahawks. The backup (Trevone Boykin) can run just like Wilson can run, so they’re almost the same guy. Obviously, Wilson has the experience and everything like that, you just have to prepare the same way.

On if Wilson would be a different player if he is unable to run…

I’ve never seen him hurt, so I don’t know. As long as I’ve seen him, he’s been able to run.

On if he would have to prepare differently if Seattle’s quarterback is a pure pocket passer…

Not really, because the offense isn’t going to change too much. You’re not going to sit there and run two completely different offenses. You may have different plays tailored for a certain guy, but no different than us if we had to play somebody else. There would be a few plays different, but the offense wouldn’t change.

Overall, facing Wilson won’t be a walk in the park for the Jets. He will want to continue the momentum this week against the Jets and make an example out of them just like he did against the San Francisco 49ers. They can’t expect anything less than a ready-to-go Wilson.

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