What happens now with Geno Smith and the Jets in 2017?

With quarterback Geno Smith out for the year with a torn ACL injury, what happens with his future on the New York Jets? It doesn’t look good moving forward.

Quarterback Geno Smith truly got a terrible experience throughout his entire tenure with the New York Jets. He was thrown to the wolves too soon in his rookie year and has never been the same since. He’s been a turnover machine and well, Jets Nation might have seen him play his last game ever wearing a Jets uniform this year.

The truth of the matter is, his future with the Jets is more likely not going to be a continued one. After the Jets finish this disaster of a season, major changes will happen as the franchise has to effectively restart and more importantly, rebuild. It would be wise for the Jets to continue their youth movement and hope that over the next few years, they can build a competitive team worthy of success.

Unfortunately for Smith, he’ll more than likely not be in the long-term plans of the Jets. From the punch heard around the world, his offseason comments regarding his position on the Jets before and after they re-signed Ryan Fitzpatrick, and just his inconsistent past makes it hard to see this team bring him back.

Considering he’s also dealing with a torn ACL injury, there is no guarantee he’ll even be the same quarterback capable of playing decent football. Smith never got a real chance to play with top talent around him on the Jets as the jury is still out if he can even be an effective starting quarterback in the NFL.

Regardless, don’t expect the Jets to go all out in bringing him back. With Fitzpatrick on the outs after this season, it’s easy to see the Jets head in the direction of Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. While it’s doubtful the Jets will be able to spend top dollar on any future free agent quarterbacks due to salary cap complications, expect to see Petty start and Hackenberg as his backup.

The Jets could find a very inexpensive veteran quarterback as insurance but again, they need to stop these games at quarterback. Considering they went into this season with four active quarterbacks on the roster, they should follow the norm and really only keep two, three tops and again, start the era of Petty once and for all.

Unfortunately for Smith, he won’t be coming back for the Jets and will likely end up on another team as a free agent next offseason. It wouldn’t make sense for the Jets to re-sign him due to his history, injury, and well, trying to usher in a new era with a quarterback that has higher potential as a franchise quarterback.

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