What does Jim Caldwell need to do to turn the Lions around and save himself from obscurity?

With so much personnel turnover this season, Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell should be worried about his job. Clubs are changing coaches like the players change their jock straps. So what can Caldwell do to make himself stand out as a man who still has a purpose?

After the wild card loss to Seattle, Caldwell was heard saying that the Lions were far from making a Superbowl. For a Jim Caldwell as a head coach, that’s something that should be addressed in staffing and personnel meetings, not shared with the public. He’s supposed to be the team’s biggest fan, and his own. Confidence makes the man. Still the statement is out there and now he has to figure out how to spin it. Continuity is important to a franchise and if he can prove that the team is better with him at the helm, that may be a good bargaining chip.

The team needs to be picked apart and analyzed at every position

The coaching staff, management and front office have to work together to bring their team to where they deserve, but cohesion is not as commonplace as it should be. There are probably more appropriate comparisons between an NFL organization and typical corporate America, but most people can relate to the metaphor. A company won’t function without management working together and the right employees being put in place for operations to continue or begin running smoothly. There’s more in-fighting on today’s teams than cohesion and people are quick to place blame. Even though it’s often not deserved, coaches don’t make the cut.

Caldwell can make himself invaluable by making the right moves

In order to improve his net worth to the Lions, there has to be some fair and honest analysis done by the coaching staff. The head coach needs to be the captain and make all of the pieces fit. Even the coaching staff itself is under the microscope when something isn’t working. There are a lot of right pieces that should work better together, but that’s something that has been a struggle for Detroit. It’s something that can be fixed with a strong leader and Caldwell has to prove himself to be that leader. Tall order but anyone, yes, ANYONE, can learn to assert dominance and take the lead. Caldwell – Step up and take your lumps, bring a solution to the table, and your stock will rise.

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