What are the odds the Tennessee Titans land a top 5 pick?

I love the NFL Draft. Sorry, I just do.

So, when I saw that ESPN released a list that has projected out a draft order based on…whatever they use to do their projections I honestly don’t know.

Either way, it is an insanely exciting time to be a Tennessee Titans fan. Think about it, this is what the Titans could have at the end of the regular season:

1. Marcus Mariota, Mr. November (at least according to the NFL). A 23 year old franchise QB, who is hitting an unprecedented high for Titans QBs, a list that includes Steve McNair and Warren Moon.

2. A playoff birth for the first time in what feels like a life time.

3. A potential top-5 pick thanks to Jon Robinson and the LA Rams.

I mean, I am almost positive that no franchise has had a moment like this before.

Anyway, I digress. The big thing I wanted to talk about is that ESPN piece. In it, they give two stats and a comment. The stats are the percentage possibilities of landing a pick in the top-10, and then the possibilities of landing a top-5 pick.

Right now, thanks to the Rams the Titans have a 96% chance of landing a pick in the top-10. Forget everything else, can you imagine the Rams coming up to Jon Robinson and offering a future top-10 pick, Jack Conklin, Derrick Henry, and change for Jared Goff? What a deal.

On top of that, the Rams have a 44% chance of their pick being a top-5 pick. That means that they could have another huge piece to trade or make a huge move. Heck, if they wanted to they could probably even convince the Browns to give up the top pick (so they could move down, get picks, and a QB) so that they could land Myles Garrett.

Honestly, I have no idea how the Titans season will end up. Still, having the opportunity of a playoff birth and a top-5 pick is exciting and unique. We should all really enjoy this time because I can’t imagine it ever happening again in the next few decades.

Not only that, but if both of those things happen between the draft picks, the national love, the city of Nashville, and all the cap space the Titans have this could be a pivotal moment for the franchise for the next decade or more.

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