Watch all the Super Bowl 50 commercials: Third quarter

Miss any of the Super Bowl 50 commercials? Just want to relive them? We’ll be posting them here with a little commentary. You can also head over to our Super Bowl commercials video page to watch them there. Below are the commercials from the third quarter. Here are the first quarter, second quarter and halftime and fourth quarter commercials.

Mini-Cooper: Defy Labels

A nice spot here featuring Serena Williams, Abby Wambach and Randy Johnson telling you why you shouldn’t have a stereotype of this little car.

Pokemon: 20 Years

Pokemon has been around for 20 years. Did you know that?

Turbo Tax: Anthony Hopkins A Sell-Out?

The venerable actor would never give his name up to hawk a product, would he?

Doritos: No Dogs Allowed

A second helping of Doritos on this Super Bowl Sunday sees dogs going to some great lengths to get their hands on some chips.

X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

Butterfinger: Bolder Than Bold

It would be pretty cool, but we’ll still kindly refrain from jumping out of a plane whilst riding a bull.

Quickbooks: Death Wish Coffee

Quickbooks finds a neat way to give a small business some Super Bowl air time.

Fitbit: Get Fit In Style

Crap, now we need to think about working out tomorrow.

LG OLED TV: The Future Begins

Hey, why not?

Heinz: Meet the Ketchups

Wiener dogs dressed in wiener costumes racing toward giant bottles of mustard and ketchup. You had us at wiener dogs.

Honda: Sheep Signing Queen

This should win an Oscar.

NFL: Super Bowl Babies