Watch an incredible time-lapse video of the Super Bowl LI halftime show

A lot of people seem to be very impressed by Lady Gaga’s halftime performance at Super Bowl LI, but the pop star certainly isn’t the only one who deserves credit for the spectacular show.

As you can see in the time-lapse video below taken from inside NRG Stadium, there were a lot of moving parts (literally) that had to get into place for the halftime show to be as great as it was. It was basically like a major tour performance squeezed into a 20-minute window.

It’s pretty amazing to watch.

Every year, the halftime show is a huge production with countless people behind the scenes working to make sure it runs smoothly with no hiccups — like, say, a wardrobe malfunction. That seems like an absolutely terrifying and high-stress job, but the entire crew nailed it in Houston this year.