Washington Redskins: Search for general manager a waste of time, for now

Who wants to be the next Washington Redskins GM? Probably no one. However, the show must go on.

Even with a successful offseason, a fairly good NFL draft, the hunt for a Washington Redskins general manager may have stalled out. At one point of this saga you probably thought what I thought: Good offseason, great picks, and with a stable quarterback, why can’t they find someone?

It’s not enough. People need to surrender.

Here’s the deal — the Redskins leadership will not admit they handled the firing of their former GM Scot McCloughan poorly, and that Kirk Cousins’ status is just odd. As a result, the franchise painted itself as toxic, chaotic. Who wants to work in an office environment like that?

As reported by Redskins.com staff writer Jake Kring-Schreifels, Redskins president Bruce Allen is moving forward with few changes:

“As far as what we are going to do, it hasn’t changed since March,” Allen said. “We are going to be in the process of looking to see what we need to add to our personnel department to enhance the people that are here. There is some good quality people out there that’s available that we are talking to. We are going to put together the right team with the Redskins that is going to help us win.”

Finding a new general manager of the Redskins isn’t impossible, just complicated. The more transparency they provide the better. Someone out there is looking to switch jobs or get the opportunity of a lifetime to lead an NFL franchise. Who turns that down?

I’m predicting the next Redskins GM will be slightly younger than Allen and Redskins owner Dan Snyder. That person will come from the position of an understudy from another team or from the college football community.

To find someone seasoned in the league will be too difficult. They will need someone who will appreciate the position for what it is and allow them to keep their stake in the decision-making process.

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