Washington Redskins: Madden Simulation Projects Blowout Win

Madden simulations are not always accurate, but if this one is, the Washington Redskins will be happy.

Well, it appears that at least somebody is extremely confident in the Washington Redskins chances of winning this weekend. According to App Trigger’s Daniel George, Madden simulations from NFL Week 2 are projecting the Redskins to win. The simulation does not just expect the team to defeat the Dallas Cowboys. They expect them to emerge victorious by a final score of 34-10.

Now, simulations are usually not entirely accurate, but I still think that the Redskins being picked to win makes a lot of sense. In our Week 2 preview, we had the Redskins bouncing back as well. They simply have to feel motivated after a humiliating loss at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers and they are facing a weaker opponent. However, the team was not winning by 24 points in our projections.

Perhaps the reason for the skewed numbers in the simulation is the expected performance of Dak Prescott. In outlining what happened in the game, George said this of Prescott’s performance.

Dak Prescott is continuing the trend of making Mark Sanchez look like a quality option, just by comparison, completing 56% of his passes for 244 yards and a touchdown. Sounds okay, no? Those numbers also leave out the staggering four interceptions, which killed any and all momentum the Cowboys could muster.

Four interceptions is an absolutely absurd number for any quarterback to throw. Yes, Prescott is a rookie, but I highly doubt that he will throw four picks in this game. Even if he did, I would imagine that Jason Garrett would pull the rookie in a blowout. There is no need to risk him getting hurt or losing confidence.

Also, if Prescott starts to struggle the Cowboys will lean more heavily on the run game. After all, they have Ezekiel Elliott and Alfred Morris ready to run, and the Redskins gave up a lot of rushing yards to the Steelers last week. Because of these factors that a game like Madden cannot really understand, I think Prescott’s interceptions will be fewer.

The good news for Washington fans is that the Redskins offense should be operating in full swing. In the simulation, the Redskins gave up an early field goal and then scored 34 straight points to take command of the game. They scored 21 points in the second quarter, and according to George, Kirk Cousins and Matt Jones are going to perform well in their second contest of the season.

I could definitely see this type of offensive explosion happening. The Cowboys defense is missing three starters and their secondary has not been terrific by any means. If Cousins can get into a rhythm, that will demoralize the Dallas team and give the Skins a real chance to improve to .500.

Overall, the simulation does not really mean anything. It will definitely be fun to see if it is accurate on Sunday afternoon, but there is a chance that nothing close to this happens.

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