Kirk Cousins raises money with ‘You Like That’ shirts

Washington Redskins quarterback is putting his new catchphrase to good use.

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has raised $41,000 for the International Justice Mission in an online t-shirt campaign, as reported by Cousins on Tuesday.

Earlier this season, Cousins led the Redskins on a comeback win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and on his walk back to the locker room, he turned to the cameras and shouted “You like that!” Since, the line has gained notoriety nationwide as Cousins' catch phrase, so he decided to put that catchphrase to work for the greater good. 

Cousins initially launched the campaign back in October. He simply printed the catchphrase on some t-shirts and dropped a link on social media for where interested buyers could purchase the shirt. Cousins had a goal to sell 500 t-shirts, and he surpassed that goal by a lot — he sold 3,973 at final count.

You can find more information on the International Justice Mission at their homepage here.

(h/t CBS DC)

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