Kirk Cousins defends teammates after drop-filled Week 9

Kirk Cousins defends his teammates after a Week 9 performance complete with seven dropped passes.

The Washington Redskins skill position players dropped seven passes in the team's Week 9 loss to the New England Patriots. After the game, quarterback Kirk Cousins expressed no concern going forward with throwing the ball to any of his receivers, tight ends or running backs.

“Yeah, more than we’re used to having,” Cousins said after the game, per Redskins Blog. “All these guys can catch the ball; they got natural hands. I’m not worried about it. Just a tough deal today, but something that they’ll be able to bounce back from, they all have good hands.

“I feel like each play was its own entity, you know, and some of these mistakes, they hurt you, they cost you,” Cousins said. “But our guys are better than that. That’s where, I guess, it’s encouraging to know that that was more of a fluke than the norm. So, we will be able to get to work this week, correct those mistakes, and this performance will give us an edge in our preparation getting ready for the Saints.”

After racking up 317 yards and three passing touchdowns in the Redskins' most recent game before Week 9, the passing game was limited to just 217 yards and one touchdown — Cousins attempted 40 passes in both games. Searching for a spark, the Redskins will look to get DeSean Jackson more involved in Week 10.

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