Washington Redskins: Kirk Cousins’ Professionalism Makes Trade A Hard Sell

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is making it hard to say, ‘Trade him already.’

Kirk Cousins handles business differently. In a world where people turn to social media to express their disdain, Cousins stays away. This is a far cry from former Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon, who used the hashtag #YallHiring in an Instagram post in February.

Last month, fellow wide receiver DeSean Jackson (also a former Redskin) followed suit, teasing fans with the phrase, “HEADING TO…” on his Instagram page.

Then there’s Cousins, a man who hasn’t come close to a derogatory remark since the long-term contract drama started. While opportunities remain available to express his frustrations, he turns the other cheek each time. Instead, he’s remaining on the right side of history with the Redskins and allowing the system to work.

Cousins doesn’t get mad: He’s a realist. When he told Adam Schefter on NFL Live, “The ball’s in the team’s court,” that’s the truth. The guy is going to make $23.94 million dollars this season if all goes as planned. Why mess that up? His ability to look at the bigger picture is what makes everyone around him see the world through his eyes. This isn’t the end of the world, just part of the process.

Until then, he still has to get ready for Week 1 of the NFL 2017 season. He sill has to get his receivers ready. With so many players losing jobs and wandering the free agent market, Cousins “gets it”. Via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, Cousins explains his vantage point in a recent interview with MMQB’s Peter King:

“There are far greater challenges in this league than the situation I’m in. I mean, there are guys getting cut, not knowing where they’re going to have move their families, not knowing where their next job’s going to be. That’s a much tougher situation than where I am. So I feel very fortunate and look forward to the opportunity that I have in Washington.”

Kirk Cousins has positioned himself in a way that brings credit to his professionalism, patience, and his perception. If the Redskins are still pondering whether to trade him or not, he’s making it quite difficult.

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