Washington Redskins: Kirk Cousins contract talks uncommonly positive

Despite tons of noise throughout this offseason, the latest talks between the Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins appear quite positive.

To say it has been a strange offseason for the Washington Redskins would be an understatement. Remember, just over two months ago when general manager Scot McCloughan was fired and quarterback Kirk Cousins allegedly asked for a trade (per Pro Football Talk)? Well, it turns out Cousins never asked for a trade (per USA Today), instead he asked ownership what their plans were for him.

Since that time, the Redskins have managed to have a successful offseason. Whether it was signing players like Terrelle Pryor and Zach Brown in free agency, or having what some considered the best draft of any team in the NFL, Washington has turned the tide on this offseason after a dubious beginning.

Now, the only thing really remaining for owner Daniel Snyder and team president Bruce Allen to do is sign quarterback Kirk Cousins to a long-term deal. Anytime team brass has spoken about Cousins this offseason, they’ve made it clear they want the quarterback around for the long haul. Yet, Washington hasn’t made a significant offer to tempt Cousins. Could that be changing?

According to Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C., Cousins and the team have recently had talks, and those talks appear to be going well at the moment. Wait, the two sides are actually talking?

Cousins himself spoke with Larry Michael of Redskins Nation this week and seemed encouraged about his future in the nation’s capital. Toward the end of the interview, Michael asked Cousins about the status of his negotiations and his reply had a different tenor to it than previous times when discussing the situation. He called the recent negotiations “positive” and furthered that by saying he feels “good about where we’re headed.”

You can see the full interview below:

It’s important to note that the interview is taking place on a team-owned show and being conducted by a team official. However, Cousins is an honest guy and very calculated in his answers. If he truly didn’t have a positive vibe about his situation, then he likely would have side-stepped the question. He did not do that.

After all this time and two franchise tags, is it possible Washington and Cousins can get a deal done by the July 15 deadline?

Cousins certainly named a ton of reasons why he’d love to stay with the Redskins. And one important element of this interview was the way Cousins described Snyder. On two different occasions, he noted how the communication between him and the owner has been good this offseason. So maybe the owner has finally come around on the quarterback.

It’s past time Washington took care of this situation. If the Redskins can get Cousins signed to a long-term deal before the season begins, everyone will forget how bad this offseason began.

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