Chris Simms calls for the Redskins to bench Cousins for McCoy

The pressure is mounting for the Redskins to make a quarterback change.
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After Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins threw two more interceptions in Sunday’s Week 6 loss to the New York Jets, former Redskin and current NFL analyst Brian Mitchell called for the team to make the switch to Colt McCoy. In a recent video for Bleacher Report, Former quarterback and current NFL analyst Chris Simms called for the same thing.

“I think, honestly, if I’m a Washington Redskins head coach, if I’m Jay Gruden, I am probably thinking about … I am. I’m benching Kirk Cousins," Simms said in a video on Bleacher Report.

“I’m benching Kirk Cousins after this week’s performance,” he continued. “And I just break it down like this: First of all, the interceptions were bad against the Jets today, we know that, but you really can look.”

Cousins has thrown eight interceptions through the first six games. It his carelessness with the football that has Simms most concerned with his ability to lead the team.

“I watch the Washington Redskins on film every week, you know that,” he turned to his co-host, Adam Lefkoe. “Three out of the last four games, they’ve lost those three games, other than the Eagles win. But the three out of the last four games they’ve lost because of Kirk Cousins being careless with the football. You go back to Atlanta Falcons, the overtime pick-six, but the number of missed throws down the middle of the field to wide-open receivers. Of course the Giants game, the Thursday night football game, he was careless with the football there. And then of course today, yes, they need to do something at the quarterback position.

“Listen, Colt did a nice job last year when he got his chance to play, and I think if you just look at the timing of the situation, too — they’re playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week. That’s a nice team for any new quarterback to start off against, then you get a bye week and then you’ve got to prepare for the New England Patriots. But I think the timing makes a lot of sense right now for the Washington Redskins, yes, to bench Kirk Cousins and go with Colt McCoy.”

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Head coach Jay Gruden has remained steadfast in his decision that Cousins will remain the team’s starting quarterback. However, if Cousins delivers another turnover-heavy game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 7, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a change at quarterback.