Fan loses bet, eats beard

As a bearded American, I can testify that it doesn’t get much

worse, beard-wise, than trimming your whiskers and getting some of

them in your mouth.

It’s really pretty gross, and I wouldn’t ever do it on


That wasn’t an option, however, for Washington Redskins fan and

comedian Jason Pickar, who had to

target="_blank">eat part of his own beard after losing a bet on

Monday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles:

To be fair, the still-hirsute Pickar only eats one tiny bite of

his beard in the video, so it strikes me as kind of a copout. And

he seems to be playing to the camera a little bit. It’s bad, but

it’s not

that bad.

That said, folks with facial hair tend to be pretty protective

of their beards — it’s an investment to grow these things

— and the mental anguish of having to trim it and then

literally swallow your pride should be enough to absolve this guy

of his debt.