DeSean Jackson: Hand gestures dedicated to friends, not gang signs

Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson has denied ever being in a gang.

D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Airbnb

Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson has vehemently denied ever being in a gang, and says the "hand gestures" he holds up during games are simply an ode to his childhood friends.

"If I score a touchdown or make a play, and my boys at home can see me throwing up the area we’re from, that’s me showing them love," Jackson told ESPN The Magazine.

"They weren’t fortunate enough to make it where I’m at," Jackson said. "All my friends wanted to be in the NFL growing up, but they weren’t able to do that, and I was. That doesn’t mean I forgot about them. They’re my boys, I grew up with them, and I’m going to give them love."

Jackson was released from the Eagles back in March in what the team later claimed was purely a football decision. The 27-year-old signed with the Washington Redskins on April 2.

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