Was quarterback decision made to save job of Todd Bowles?

Could Todd Bowles have resorted back to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in an effort to keep his job secure after this season is over?

When head coach Todd Bowles announced earlier this week that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick would be his starter again, it sent shockwaves across the fan base. Many were outraged that Bowles would once again put Fitzpatrick back in a position to continue failing.

It’s no secret that Fitzpatrick has completely stunk it up this season with the New York Jets. To date, he’s totaled 1,983 passing yards, 168 completions, eight touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. He lacks the basic arm strength, accuracy, and well, even football IQ to get the job done.

Bowles decided to go back to Fitzpatrick since he’s healthy and is familiar with the offensive system installed by Chan Gailey. Despite going into this season with four active quarterbacks, Bowles is stuck in his old ways and refusing to listen to reason.

Quarterback Bryce Petty has a much better arm and despite being inexperienced, could bring a much-needed spark on offense. It doesn’t matter what the opponent is, Petty could be exactly what the Jets offense needs to hit receiving options in stride and score touchdowns. That would win more football games, not an abysmal old quarterback that is dealing with a knee injury.

Did Bowles stick to Fitzpatrick just to add a couple more wins this season in hopes of keeping his job secure? We may never know but one thing is for certain, it’s the wrong decision that will undoubtedly backfire. Here is what Bowles said when asked by the media about his job security, courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

On if his job security factored into his decision to start Fitzpatrick…

Not at all. We know the lifespan of a coach and a player when we get in this business.

On if Woody Johnson has given him any assurances about his job security…

We’ve never talked about job security or non-security. We just talk football.

Either way, a few wins now won’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. It’s highly doubtful the Jets would pull the plug on the tenure of Bowles so quickly, after just two seasons. Bowles should be safe when all is said and done as he will need a few more years to put the Jets back in the right direction.

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