Vince Wilfork helped police at car crash after AFC championship win

Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork did a great job stopping the Colts’ run game on Sunday, but he saved his greatest feat for later.

After the Patriots’ 45-7 win to advance to the Super Bowl, Wilfork stopped at the side of the road to help a motorist who had crashed her car.

The Massachusetts State Police released a photo of the scene, though it doesn’t appear Wilfork is in the shot:

When troopers arrived at the scene, authorities said, they found Wilfork already there checking on the driver, who was unable to get out of the vehicle. One of the troopers held the door open while Wilfork helped lift the driver out.

Wilfork left after ensuring the troopers didn’t need any further assistance.

The driver was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.